What is the best and the perfect time to drink tea? Is it morning, is it evening or is it at night time?
Well, the truth is there might be a lot of things to consider before going for that tea break.
If you have just started out or if you’re a typical teaholic then finding the right and the best timing for your tea break is very essential. Sometimes the time you think is right and correct doesn’t really go well with your health and ends up giving negative side effects. Yes! It does provides negative side effects on your health when you consume it at the wrong timings of the day.
Hence, in order to help you out in gaining the good properties of the tea, here are the best tea timings to inculcate in your daily routine.

Avoid Drinking Tea on an Empty Stomach:

Waking by a cup of tea beside your bed is just one of the best feelings that we all love to have early in the morning. In this generation, drinking tea early in the morning is one of the daily routines that every other individual believes and follows like a ritual.
But, do you know that drinking tea just in the empty stomach tends to upset your stomach even more. It not only triggers your stomach, but it also creates a disturbance with your digestion throughout the day. Apart from that, it also generates gastric mucosal injury which leads to chronic gastritis kind of problems.
But if not tea, then what should a particular person be sipping instead of this energy booster? Well, to answer that, a person can opt for a glass of warm water, juice or some freshly cutted fruits to kick-start their healthy day.

After Breakfast & Lunch:

Drinking a cup of tea after your breakfast and lunch helps in improving the digestion process and increases the level of energy throughout the day. But it is important to be precise about the timings after your breakfast and lunch. Always drink a cup after 20 to 30 minutes if you want to get the full potential of the tea.

Evening Tea:

Usually when you come back from work and get that nice hot cup of tea at your table, it not only relaxes your body and mind, but it also helps in increasing the productivity and the energy level that was once slowed down during your work hours.
The best tea to drink during this time of the day is Oolong tea, it not only refreshes your mind but it also repairs and replenish your immune system. Also this tea does not have that same buzzing or awakening effect like how a typical green or a black tea intends to have.

Therefore, now that you know what is the best time to drink tea then go ahead and pass on the knowledge to your friends and families as well. With best tea timings if you would like to know some of the types of tea and health benefits of tea then head over to the next article.  

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