Black teas are one of the most common drinks that people enjoy drinking it in the morning and late evenings. It is one of the classic drinks that you can find in every home. Whether you prefer it over a breakfast table or a brunch table with your favourite food item, this tea is guaranteed to provide awesome health benefits and taste to the person who is drinking it.

Now, black tea has many types in it, not every black tea tastes and smells the same. So, if you’re a person who likes to enjoy their regular black tea but is wondering what are the famous black tea types and how you could enjoy other tea types then here is the list to follow. Also, If you’re not a person who’s into black tea but green tea then we have an article on that too. If you want to check that out then you can head over to the 5 different types of green tea from around the world article.

Darjeeling Tea:

Darjeeling tea produces one of the high-quality black teas in the market. Taste-wise this tea has lightly fruity, floral, citrusy and a herby kind of a taste. The best time to drink this tea could be as a relaxing tea in the afternoon rather than a refreshing drink in the early morning. Usually, black teas are great with milk but this tea is not, so if you want to enjoy the actual taste of this tea then you would have to drink it as it is and not with milk as it is not a good match of milk.

Keemun Tea:

Keemun is the most popular Chinese black tea that originated from Anhui Province of Eastern China. Taste-wise this tea has an unsweetened cocoa taste and has lightly smoky notes in the aroma of it. Also, if you’re not really a big fan of the black tea then you can also enjoy this drink with milk as it tastes equally good with milk too.

Assam Tea:

Assam tea makes a great base for the Irish and English Breakfast tea and other types of blends in black tea. Taste-wise this tea has a malty taste and has a bright colour to it.
In Assamese tea, you usually find some milk with an added sugar to give the rich flavoursome into the tea. This tea can be enjoyed without the milk but if you want to taste the Assamese tea in their tradition then you have to try it with milk.

Therefore, now that you know what are the famous black tea types, then head over to your local grocery store and get one of these famous packs. Also, with different types of black tea, if you want something that can help you in losing weight or could help in reducing the bloated tummy then you can head over to the green tea for fat loss article.

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