“Tea is like your typical energy booster, you smell it, drink it and get an immense level of re-energized energy within your whole body!”

For any human being tea is like a flavorful beverage, it is enjoyed and loved by all the members of the particular family. Whether you’re in your office or just woke up from the late night’s sleep, the number one item that arrives first at your desk or beside your bed is a cup of tea.

Apparently in this fast generation people are depended upon tea or coffee more than any other food item. Tea in general is divided into 1,500 types which varies from the country or state, a particular person lives in. From these 1,500 types, there are only four main types that are popular in each and every country. Let’s look at those four popular and main types of tea that has style, that has type, but has never heard no from the taster’s mouth.

Oolong Tea:

⦁ This tea is semi-oxidized and has the most difficult procedure while processing.
⦁ The leaves of this tea are typically rolled or balled up.
⦁ The best producers of Oolong tea are China and Taiwan.
⦁ The taste of this tea majorly depends upon the processing technique of tea master and thus it can range from floral to grassy and misty to sweet.

Black Tea:

⦁ Black teas are the most common and well known tea that everyone likes drinking.
⦁ Black teas are heavily oxidized.
⦁ The leaves in this type are usually more into crushed and broken form.
⦁ The taste of the black tea is usually stronger and sweeter.

Green Tea:

⦁ Green Teas are one of the popular type of tea after black tea.
⦁ Green teas go under two main types of yielding methods, one is steaming and the other one is pan-firing. Both the methods are equally good.
⦁ Taste wise green tea is slightly buttery, nutty and bittersweet.
⦁ A good way to drink this tea is without sugar, the health benefits of the green tea dies down when you add sugar in it.

White Tea:

⦁ White teas are known for having subtle floral and a fruity flavour.
⦁ They are harvested when the buds of the tea plants are young and are covered with thin white hairs.
⦁ The finished tea leaves are slightly grey in colour.

Therefore, now that you know what are the four different types of tea then go ahead and pass on the knowledge to your friends and families as well. With different types of tea if you would like to know some of the health benefits of tea then head over to the health benefits of drinking green tea at night article.  

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