Green Tea is popular and one of the healthiest options when it comes to consuming a tea that is good for your health than the taste. Green tea is something that may not be liked by everyone on this planet, but it is a good and healthy beverage to consume if you’re looking for a healthy option in tea.

Now, green tea is the most common beverage in this world but when it comes to drinking green tea, do people actually know what type of green tea they are drinking or for the matter of fact making a DIY face mask off?
If you also find that question kind of relevant and want to know what tea type you should go for to gain the full benefits of tea, then wait for no further to find out the 5 different types of green tea from around the world.


Sencha is a type of green tea which grows in direct sunlight and is harvested in the first or the second flush of the leaves. The first harvest contains the best quality sencha. When the Sencha leaves are picked up, the leaves are steamed starting from the youngest leaves as they are higher in quality. So, after they are steamed, the leaves are dried and rolled. The tea leaves go through the procedure of rolling because rolling the leaves gives a needle-like shape and also helps in releasing the juices inside them thereby helping in giving much better flavour.


Matcha has to be by far the most popular and widely known type of green teas in this world. This green tea is grounded into powdered form. In order to prepare this Matcha green tea, one has to whisk it using a bamboo brush into hot water. Now, when you have whisked it, you have to drink it hot otherwise the powder will sit-in at the bottom leading to losing all its health benefits and also you don’t want your Matcha to sit down and not give the benefits that it has to give.


Tencha is a tea leave that a Matcha powder is made of. The tea leaves in Tencha are of high-quality green tea. The leaves in here go through the process of steaming and air-drying, destemmed and deveined but not rolling like other Japanese green tea. Tencha teas also get its use in the cooking and make an ingredient for that. In fact, the tencha leaves also help in boosting energy and metabolism.


Gyoukuro is another type of green tea that shares the same process as that of the Sencha green tea, except that the leaves are hidden from harvest 3 weeks before harvesting. Other than that, the tea has the same steaming and rolling procedure, but since this tea is quite difficult to shade and cultivate, the cost of the production and selling price gets a little pricy compared to others.


Originated from Japan, Bancha is a type of green tea that is harvested from the second flush of the Sencha tea leaves. Here, the leaves of the Bancha are plucked later than the leaves of the Sencha. The flavour of Bancha is very unique and has an organic straw kind of smell.

So, these are the 5 different types of green tea from around the world. With different types of green tea, if you would like to know when and at what time is good for the consumption of green tea then head over to the best time to drink tea article.

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